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Holistic Wellness Services

about Sanctuary Ida

Yoga • Massage • Reflexology
Sanctuary Ida

welcome to Sanctuary Ida

Sanctuary Ida was born in 2020 after Molly was forced surrender into a slower pace of life and dive deeper into her practices. Sanctuary Ida is here to help you, too, give way to a more unrushed way of life and feel completey at ease in yourself.

In yogic philosophy, the Ida is one of the 3 main nadi (energy channels). This pathway is found on the left side of our body and is the lunar nadi and is considered the cooling, calming, feminine, yin energy.

Our aim at Sanctuary Ida is to provide you with a safe space where you can let go and fall into your soft, unrushed energy to counterbalance the 'go go go' energy of modern society.

Through yoga, breathwork, meditation, massage, aromatherapy and reflexology we hope to guide you into a place of calm and ease.

What we offer

Slow down and connect to the mind, body and breath.

This can be achieve through a number of technqiues - here at Sanctuary Ida we offer the below.

Yoga Classes

Join us in a Hatha or Yin Yoga class where you will be guided through postures, breath work and meditation to help you become present and in tune with your mind & your body. Learn about yoga as a lifestyle, not a workout.


Choose from Swedish Massage or Aromatherapy Massage - treatments are catered towards you and what you need.
Allow space to be held for you so you can completely relax. 


Energy blockages can manifest into a variety of symptoms, such as anxiety, poor sleep or bad digestion. Reflexology can not only help you manage the impacts of stagnant energy, but also prevent it.
Yoga Teach & Complementary Therapist

Meet Molly

Molly is the founder of Sanctuary Ida.

Molly is a yoga-alliance registered Hatha and Yin yoga teacher and Complementary Therapist, who focuses on slowing down the body, mind and breath to counteract the fast-paced lifestyle we all lead.

She believes that through the practice of movement, breath work, meditation, reflexology and massage we can be more in tune with ourselves.

After learning and implementing yoga and complementary therapies into her life, she knew she had to share these practices with other people, so they could also feel at home in their own bodies.

Her yoga classes focus on using the breath to work through our asana, and calm the mind and body. In every class she will give you variations and options for you to chose from, as she believes the body you show up on the mat with is the one you need to work with that day. She loves the use of props - her favourite is her beloved bolster!

If you book in for a treatment with Molly, she will really focus on finding tension and blocked energy within your body and work on releasing and relaxing. She is good at finding tension in places you did not know you had it!

Education & Accreditations

200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training - Santosa Yoga Institute
50-Hour Pre & Post Natal Teacher Training - Santosha Yoga Institue
50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Arhanta Yoga
Level 3 Complementary Therapies - East Sussex College

Member of Yoga Alliance & CIMSPA.
Fully insured by BGI.UK Insurance.
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I would always recommend Molly for any treatments or for yoga! I always feel super relaxed and refreshed after my massages. Yoga with Molly is always a nice way to end my week and set the intention of a good week ahead of me! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lauren Fox
Molly has been giving me my massage treatments and reflexology and she has been amazing. She’s very responsive to what I need on each visit. I have since joined her latest yoga course and it’s the highlight of my Sunday’s brilliant, informative and welcoming classes with fabulous views! Who could ask for more?!
Jessica Marshall
So for my first visit, I had a 60 min massage and 30 min reflexology session, and both were lush! I felt great at the end and Molly is very knowledgeable, so I will definitely return and recommend her highly!
Rachel Piper
Lovely atmosphere. Molly is so warm & friendly, not to mention the most amazing massage!
Never felt so relaxed. Muscles feel so much better thank you. Absolutely recommended!
Emma Matthews
Molly is an amazing yoga teacher. She’s so relaxed and welcoming and gives different difficulties for every move. Her classes are easy going and enjoyable and I’d highly recommend them for anyone wishing to practice yoga at any level. Thank you Molly
Jemima Murphy
A very welcoming atmosphere/salon and the most wonderful and relaxing massage. Just what I needed! Thank you so much!
Phoebe Smith
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